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This is supported by a strong team of experts in a wide range of fields, including:

At Silverstone, we stand out in the property development industry by focusing on high quality healthcare, commercial and residential developments.

This explicit focus ensures we not only have a forensic understanding of the relevant geographic locations, but also the local political and industrial hurdles and how best to manage these to deliver optimised results.

At Silverstone, we acquire high quality assets for our investment portfolio. Using our market understanding and acquisition expertise, we are able to acquire properties with strong underlying value characteristics and then use our development capabilities to undertake improvements and reposition them as high quality, long term-hold investments.

Our company benefits from an extensive network of real estate agents, valuers, funders and consultants, allowing us to purchase properties at the best possible terms. We also have depths of experience in acquisition and entity structuring to optimise purchasing arrangements with third party groups or partners to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Through our team of Project and Development Managers, we are able to enter into agreements with external parties to manage the delivery of external projects from inception through to delivery; as well as being available to respond to needs as they arise.

We work with various stakeholders to complete projects successfully, as well as add value to maximise returns.

Our agility and structure means that we are able to work in strategic partnerships with other parties to achieve synergies and mutually rewarding outcomes. Our successful history of joint ventures, funding and delivery agreements means we are well placed to assess and execute any format of property partnership. These models can be responsively applied across different projects, and include:

  1. Arrangement with existing land owners for Silverstone to develop property
  2. Equity investment from joint venture parties into Silverstone projects
  3. Funds Management and Managed Investments
  4. Straight joint venture arrangements with developers, funders or land holders